Product Line Overview

Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

We’re redefining the concept of a healthcare clearinghouse and refuse to limit ourselves to that category. Our technology was built to deliver operational and A/R performance improvements for our clients. That technology comes with access to the people who built and designed it.

Our technology platform starts with a flexible and intuitive user interface to support all payers and all standard provider-to-payer and payer-to-provider healthcare transactions. We loaded our system with powerful editing capabilities, the flexibility to customize system and workflows, business process automation and robust reporting tools.

Our product is constantly growing and evolving; we collaborate with our clients and colleagues to plan new products and features. Our goal is to provide a product of ever-increasing value for you. All of this technology is supported with an experienced and knowledgeable client services staff that makes sure you are not only using great technology, but technology that works for your business.

Whether you manage the revenue cycle for a hospital, physician group or integrated health system, you will find that SCALE Revenue Cycle Management products deliver value by reducing work for your staff and improving RCM transparency while getting you paid fast.

Print and Mail

Print and Mail Solutions

Single source partner for processing paper claims and patient statements

Printing and mailing is time-consuming and tedious. That’s why we provide you with print and mail service for claims, attachments and statements; so you don’t have to deal with it.

The best part about it – we can reduce the number of paper claims that you send by using our proprietary data mining process that proactively finds electronic claim routes instead of just dropping claims to paper.

If you need a statement fulfillment partner, look no further. We can handle multiple formats, including flat files and PDF files.

No matter what you need for printing and mailing, we’ll do our best to reduce postage and printing costs so we can pass that savings on to you.

  • Send all your claims electronically to H.IP and we will handle any/all paper claim printing and mailing for those payers not accepting electronic transactions
  • H.IP’s advanced data mining ensures maximum electronic connectivity with payers including those claims with a generic payer ID.
  • H.IP can process statement files from your A/R system
  • Flexible format processing allows you to send flat-file or PDF statement files
  • Optional patient payment portal available if your A/R system does not offer the ability for a patient to pay via web portal

Client Testimonials

“Healthcare IP has been outstanding to work with. They conducted a seamless transition from our previous vendor, and we could not be more pleased with the level of on-going client services provided. The deep integration and depth of Epic experience is what separates H.IP from any other clearinghouse vendor that we have used previously at UUMAS.”

Bridget Flanagan

Principle Financial Officer, Upstate University Medical Associates at Syracuse, Inc. Syracuse NY.

“We moved to Healthcare IP as part of our strategic initiative to enhance revenue cycle performance. H.IP helped us reduce paper claims and automate claim status, both of which had a bottom-line impact on A/R. The integration we get from H.IP in Epic is beyond what we thought possible. We couldn’t be happier with Healthcare IP’s products and their support team is top notch.”

Kathy Nielsen

Director, Physician Billing Services, Cedars-Sinai Medical Network, Los Angeles, CA